LGBT+ History Month and the Early Years: 10 books perfect for young children

LGBT+ History Month is coming up in February and is a topic I believe needs to be taught in the Early Years. With these 10 books that are perfect for young children to learn about LGBT+ history, people, rights and other issues, I hope you find it useful and inspiring as well as the books to be as lovely as I think they are.

The 12 LGBTQ/diverse films of Christmas

There are countless Christmas films to choose from to watch, not all great but mostly cute and festive at least. But Christmas films with LGBTQ or diverse casts are very far and few between. Here are 12 films that tick those boxes I recommend looking up if you want some new suggestions.

TV Review: Love, Victor – Season 2

Season 2 of “Love, Victor” is out now! Follow this post for weekly updates of my review of this show as Victor and Benji’s relationship is set to go public at school, Mia continues to struggle with that and everything else going on in her life, and both Victor’s parents try to put on brave faces through their separation and after their son’s coming out.