My Top 10 favourite LGBTQ anthems by Christina Aguilera

As we bow out Pride Month, much has gone on in the world surrounding LGBTQ issues and rights to reflect upon. But as ever, gay icon Christina Aguilera also reaffirmed her support for the community with her jaw-dropping performance at LA Pride. To commemorate and thank her for said support, here are my top 10 favourite LGBTQ anthems she has put out over the years.

Asian Representation and Everything Everywhere All at Once

It’s truly a complex and bizarre film with plenty of nuances and emotion, but “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is more than just a multiversal movie made to boggle the mind. It’s another step forward for Asian representation on the big Hollywood screen, exploring as many multi-faceted Asian diaspora identities as it does multiple universes and the concepts behind them and people.

Diversity and Inclusion: the Intersectionality of Me

Diversity and inclusion is a growing department within many organisations. It’s a driving force in helping to create new, better, happier and safer workplaces. And they have been integral to me as an individual. And as an individual, my intersectionality – all my various identifiers who make me who I am – have a played a part in shaping my current self and my future ambitions in life.