About me

Hello and welcome to “Tan’s Topics”!

As a writer/journalist/blogger there is a lot that I like to say and get off my chest/rant/gush or talk about that I either feel are aren’t suitable to submit for proper publication on other sites or are topics I love or want to write about that were not allowed. So here’s where “Tan’s Topics” comes in.

In this blog I’ll address issues that I think need to talking about or that I have a strong opinion on – particularly race and LGBT affairs, but will also keep things fun and lighthearted with other posts about TV, films, fashion, showbiz/celebrities, entertainment, literature and nature. The odd time I will also write about music, but you are more likely to find posts about that on my dedicated music blog here. Also, so sorry, not sorry if some posts are too long for you or rant and ramble on for too long. If you manage to read through them and enjoy the content then amazing and thank you! If you’d like to read some of my previous writing work you can see my portfolio here.

Feel free to comment below if you have any queries, as well as like, comment on or share any of posts as well as follow my blog updates of when I post again. I look forward to connecting with all and any readers of this blog!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed here are completely my own, I do most of my own fact research and all these ideas and words are my own, so don’t attempt to pull a Melania Trump on me ‘cos I #trustnobitch. ✌🏼