TV Review: Love, Victor – Season 2

So season 2 of Love, Victor has arrived! It may seem like hardly any time has passed since the first season but then it did take about a year for it to finally be released on Disney+ in the UK… In this season we can expect a lot more drama and perhaps some more unexpected twists in the story compared to the first as Victor finally plucks up the courage to come out to his family, his parents go through with their separation, and Mia and his friends come to terms with the surprise blow they were dealt last year. Plus Victor and Benji’s new relationship is no doubt not going to be a smooth one, at least for the time being while Mia and Derek are probably remaining bitter about what’s happened.

Episode 1: Perfect Summer Bubble

Poor Mia. Your heart continues to cry out to her as she tries to get her head round and get over the dramas she endured in the last season. She is trying her best to put on a brave face for her dad and Veronica as they prepare their wedding and for the arrival of their baby, but she is still reeling from the pain and humiliation of Victor’s betrayal. But it’s when the surprise of bumping into Andrew – and his girlfriend Lucy, who is coincidentally also friends with Benji – that you feel for her once again. How many more blows will she endure? Hopefully not her friend Lake ditching her next to continue hanging out with Felix and the gays…

In another unexpected twist, it’s Victor’s mum who is taking the news of her son’s coming out and the fact he’s dating Benji harder than his dad. Last year we thought judging by his dad’s attitude and his parents’ views he would be the least happy about it, but apart from a couple of misunderstandings about whether being gay is a decision or not, he is certainly more accepting of the situation on the outside, anyway. However, Victor’s relationship with his mum shows signs of strain as she finds it difficult getting her head around it all. Will she come round in the end or will it get more explosive?

A solid start to season 2 that sets the scene for the plots and subplots that are to come. We can also expect Felix’s backstory to be explored some more as we are first introduced to his mum, who sadly appears to have mental health problems… But in regards to Victor and Benji’s happiness, what could possibly be round the corner for them?

Episode 2: Day One, Take Two

In episode 2, Victor’s idea to tell the school about him and Benji goes awry when an awkward conversation with his mother puts him off. Though, as sad and frustrating as it is see her struggling to come to terms with Victor’s sexuality and relationship with Benji, she makes a valid point when warning him about coming out so publicly in high school – kids can be mean.

Mia is a bit impetuous in her attempt to get over her breakup with Victor and her jealousy about Andrew having a girlfriend as well as the nasty rumours being spread about her regarding the aforementioned breakup. She lies about her age to a college boy and sneaks off to hang out with him – I’m sure some drama will ensue from that…

Victor soon plucks up the courage to be cheesy as they are all in these romantic high school dramas by announcing to half the school in the corridor about him and Benji, which at the time actually prompts some lovely comments from bystanders, who let’s be honest, probably were never really that invested in the gossip and just happened to be present. However, all eyes are peeled on the fleeting camera shots of Mia, who appears to at least be less dismissive about it all compared to how she has rightfully been behaving all this time towards him. Although, it’s a little annoying to see Victor fail to address the full truth – it is HIS fault they broke up and HE cheated on her, not the other way round… Come on, Victor, if you want to still be friends, at least come completely clean!

Episode 3: There’s No Gay In Team

As was thought and expected, Victor has already come across his first resistance since coming out as gay in school – from members of his own basketball team, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately, the coach (why are all coaches/PE teachers in American high school shows fat and look like they’ve never played a sport in their entire life?) is rubbish at being an actual teacher to put a stop to the “complaints” from Victor’s teammates. Andrew also sucks at being the team captain, by not standing up against them either and allowing comments from the boys to continue – he appears to try and help Victor with some encouraging words, but without actions to back it up, was he really that bothered or does he still hold a grudge against him?

Mia continues to flirt with Tyler the college guy, even going to a college party where he said he’ll be – but bumps into Derek instead, whose hair looks ridiculous, by the way. Even though they miss each other because she gets too drunk and has Victor play her knight in shining armour to take her home, she admits to Tyler she’s still a junior in high school – and he STILL wants to “hang out” with her. I mean, that’s just weird and not right, right? But this is not before Mia and Victor have a heart to heart about everything and seem to make up.

Meanwhile, Pilar is clearly crushing on Felix so that’ll be interesting to see where that leads, especially since him and Lake are still worlds apart from each other… And Armando meets Simon’s dad who runs the local PFLAG group and we get to remember how much of a DILF he was! The question is, will Jennifer Garner as Simon’s mum make an appearance in the series too?

Episode 4: The Sex Cabin

Episode 4 gets a little heated as Benji invites the gang to his family cabin in the middle of seemingly nowhere – well, more like a countryside mansion! This comes about after Victor and Benji start getting it on AT WORK! I mean, come on! For Victor and Benji and Felix and Lake this is the ultimate chance for them to finally get it on, with only Benji being the one who’s not a virgin. Andrew and Lucy also come along and Mia and her inappropriate new squeeze Tyler are also invited, which means there’s at least 4 bedrooms and surely a couple of bathrooms or more!

Victor is scared about his first time, wanting to know more about gay sex before losing his virginity to Benji. He becomes a slave to his telephone trying to get hold of Simon to ask for advice. Meanwhile Felix is self conscious about it all too because he believes he’s punching above his weight, not realising Lake is also extremely self conscious. Thankfully Andrew and Lucy don’t have that problem. Mia ditches the self obsessed (with his art) Tyler on the road to the cabin and it’s hardly surprising as it was expected that going to end ASAP so she can eventually get with Andrew once he and Lucy part ways.

This episode was a good mix of hilariousness, awkwardness, sexiness and tenderness as each couple goes through their ups and downs, misunderstandings or through with their first times. Even Victor’s parents reconcile one night when Armando goes back to the flat to look for Adrian’s tortoise – meaning he left the other two kids back at his so he could have sex… tut tut. Will they get back together? The road ahead for Victor and Benji seems to be clear, as does Felix and Lake’s – for now, while Andrew, Lucy and Mia’s road looks to change course.

Check back here again every Friday (or the weekend, depending on how busy I am) for an updated review on each episode after they’ve aired!


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