9 times we thought WTF? in “Mean Girls”

Although it was released on 30th April 2004, the biggest and arguably best teen comedy of perhaps all-time – Mean Girls – actually has it’s own (un)official day to celebrate its brilliance. “It’s October 3rd” is one of countless funny or simply bizarre or just pointless quotes (this falling into the latter category) that is repeatedly regurgitated every year.

And while the use of the quote may be tiresome, the film isn’t. Witty, relatable and hilarious to practically everyone on many different levels, Mean Girls is a classic whose legacy will live on forever, despite the absolutely abysmal flop of its unnecessary sequel. A Broadway adaption is currently underway and is set to be a smash hit on stage since Tina Fey, a.k.a. Miss Norbury, is in charge of it, so we hope that does live up to expectations.


Now, being someone who has watched the film too many times in just any one given year to count (like many other fans of it I imagine), I as usual picked up on some things that make you wonder and ponder who, where, what, why, how and think “SHUT UP!” Here are 9 instances in the film (couldn’t think of a tenth but if I do I’ll edit it again) that I’ve noticed were a bit weird or funny:

Does the combination of stupidity and sluttiness run in Karen’s family?


At Aaron’s Halloween party, Karen waves at her cousin Seth saying he’s a good kisser before going over to him. So surely Seth also knows that they’re related? Clearly Karen’s two most obvious traits are not exclusive to her in the Smith family. That or he’s just a regular teenage boy who’s glad to get some from anyone.

Aaron is almost as much of a dick as Regina for getting back together with her.


It is quite clear from Aaron inviting Cady to his party and the way he looks at her, as well as his reaction when Regina first tells him Cady has a huge crush on him, that he likes her too. Why then, instead of not admitting it does he carry on allowing Regina to kiss him and subsequently get back together with her? By him telling Cady not to bring some other guy it can perhaps be assumed he will make his move on her at the party but doesn’t and his feelings for her seemingly begin to disappear pretty quickly.

Does Gretchen not know what Regina’s handwriting looks like?


Gretchen is supposed to be Regina’s best friend but why doesn’t she recognise her own friend’s handwriting? When she looks at Cady’s candy cane it would surely be obvious to her that Regina didn’t write it. And why doesn’t she confront Regina directly about not being sent a candy cane? The same handwriting rhetoric could also be applied to figuring out the culprits behind the Burn Book as it is believed all four of the Plastics took turns writing something in it.

Why were Coach Carr and Trang Pak together in the projection room when it was Regina and Shane’s “scheduled time”?


During the precise time Regina and Shane hook up in the projection room above the auditorium, Damian and Aaron run in to find Coach Carr with Trang Pak. So where were Regina and Shane? Had they perhaps thought it too risky after they were almost caught the first time? Most likely.

Why does Cady tell Regina butter is a carb?


Regina wants to lose 3 lbs. Most people stick to the belief that being on a low carb and low fat diet helps you lose weight, so naturally before eating butter Regina would want to know whether she should eat it or not. Cady tells her butter is a carb so she eats it – but why eat it if she should be trying to cut down on carbs? Also, Cady’s way of telling her was a condescending joke so if she wanted her to eat more carbs she should have said it wasn’t – which is almost true; butter contains very little carbs (approximately 0.1g per 100g of butter).

Why was Taylor Wedell still with Jason at Cady’s party?


Despite Regina attempting to break Jason up with Taylor earlier in the film, they still attend Cady’s party together. Either Regina’s evil scheme to get Taylor’s mother to punish her and split them up backfired or Taylor is in fact a very rebellious girl, even though she doesn’t look it. And it seems clear that Jason is just not that into Gretchen as she is him.

Why does it take so long for Mrs Heron to find her tribal vases?


Cady’s unexpected house party happened on a weekend when her parents went away for the night and we see Cady putting her mum’s tribal vases “safely” under the kitchen sink. Roughly two days later the Burn Book gets out and Regina is hit by a bus but it isn’t until that evening that Mrs Heron discovers that’s where her tribal vases are. Did she not realise these important artefacts were missing from their supposedly obvious original place and how did it take her that long to find them? We just don’t know the answer to such a trivial detail but certainly interesting question.

Who the hell fights like this?

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 09.57.59

If you look closely at the extras fighting in the “jungle madness” scene, you’ll see two pairs of girls half-heartedly going at each other (above). Why did they put such little effort into their fighting? To be honest, they look rather slow and retarded doing so, especially when everyone else is getting stuck in.

How did Regina manage to do such aggressive sports after fracturing her spine?


Most spinal injuries would leave you physically impaired or if you’re very lucky, just physically weak for most or the rest of your life. Regina however, recovered quite quickly and miraculously but was also soon able to partake in sports that resulted in her being piled on by heavier girls. Not sure where the reality lies in that.

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