The Early Years: 10 great EYFS books about diversity for Anti-Bullying and Trans Awareness Week

Anti-Bullying and Trans Awareness Week are important dates that prompt important learning and discussion in the Early Years. Here are 10 books to supplement EYFS education and literacy skills that teach young children about diversity, inclusion, acceptance, feelings, and the difference between right and wrong.

Book Review: “Danny Chung Does NOT Do Maths” by Maisie Chan

“Danny Chung Does NOT Do Maths” is the debut novel by ESEA author Maisie Chan. Danny Chung has a lot to deal with, including school bullies, fighting racial stereotypes, annoying family “friends”, and most of all, looking after his Chinese granny. How will he cope? A lovely story about being who you want to be, self discovery, and the importance of intergenerational relationships – even if you don’t speak the same language…