The Early Years: 10 great EYFS books about diversity for Anti-Bullying and Trans Awareness Week

Anti-Bullying and Trans Awareness Week are important dates that prompt important learning and discussion in the Early Years. Here are 10 books to supplement EYFS education and literacy skills that teach young children about diversity, inclusion, acceptance, feelings, and the difference between right and wrong.

Theatre Review: Death Drop

Despite me not being a viewer or fan of Drag Race, I am a fan of musicals and the theatre so I thought I’d give Death Drop a chance – and it doesn’t disappoint! Read my review of this dragtastic show’s first night at The Lowry on it’s UK tour here…

TV Review: Love, Victor – Season 2

Season 2 of “Love, Victor” is out now! Follow this post for weekly updates of my review of this show as Victor and Benji’s relationship is set to go public at school, Mia continues to struggle with that and everything else going on in her life, and both Victor’s parents try to put on brave faces through their separation and after their son’s coming out.