Book Review: “Gay Club!” by Simon James Green

Simon James Green is fast becoming a popular name in YA novels, especially those with an LGBTQ focus. He may cause some controversy in schools, but his passion and refusal to stop for visibility and making a change is admirable. His latest book, the politically-charged but still funny and emotional “Gay Club!” is perhaps is best effort yet. Read my full review of it here.

Diversity and Inclusion: the Intersectionality of Me

Diversity and inclusion is a growing department within many organisations. It’s a driving force in helping to create new, better, happier and safer workplaces. And they have been integral to me as an individual. And as an individual, my intersectionality – all my various identifiers who make me who I am – have a played a part in shaping my current self and my future ambitions in life.

The 12 LGBTQ/diverse films of Christmas

There are countless Christmas films to choose from to watch, not all great but mostly cute and festive at least. But Christmas films with LGBTQ or diverse casts are very far and few between. Here are 12 films that tick those boxes I recommend looking up if you want some new suggestions.