Hire me as a speaker!

I’ll lay it out on the line. I am not a naturally outgoing and talkative person. I dislike speaking up in a room of people I know let alone those who I don’t know. However, it’s a skill I am keen to improve on and something I am deciding to throw myself out to do more of.

See below for topics I am interested in delivering more talks on, whether it’s as a solo speaker as part of an event or conference, on a panel, podcast, webinar or a workshop.


  • Sinophobia
  • The Model Minority Myth
  • Chinese or ESEA cultures/ESEA Heritage Month (September)
  • Anti-racism
  • Being an active bystander – trained facilitator with Protection Approaches
  • ESEA and LGBTQ representation
  • LGBTQ issues, particularly from an (East and Southeast) Asian perspective
  • ED&I (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion)
  • Bullying, discrimination and harassment in work and at uni
  • Building and maintaining diverse and inclusive workplace cultures
  • Marketing, including diverse and inclusive marketing
  • Writing/blogging


Your benefits

By inviting me to be a speaker at your event, you will be:

  • Championing and supporting a highly under-represented minority group
  • Diversifying your speakers or panellists
  • Adding unique perspectives to topics discussed
  • Giving me invaluable experience to continue learning, improving and growing


See below for some select feedback given to me from each of the above events I have spoken at.

Contact me

To contact me to enquire about speaking at your event, whether online or in-person across the UK, plus to discuss fees, reimbursement or an exchange of services/help, please fill in the form below.