Tan’s Tips: How companies can be more inclusive during Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year is an extremely important time for many people of ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) heritage, but many organisations are missing the mark when it comes to celebrating this and supporting their ESEA people. This blog gives you some simple tips on just how to do this more and properly.

ESEA Heritage Month: a poem

September is ESEA (East and Southeast Asian) Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and honour ESEA people and communities across the UK, their heritage and cultures and their contributions to British society. That’s why I wrote this poem which is my 100th post on this blog!

Asian Representation and Everything Everywhere All at Once

It’s truly a complex and bizarre film with plenty of nuances and emotion, but “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is more than just a multiversal movie made to boggle the mind. It’s another step forward for Asian representation on the big Hollywood screen, exploring as many multi-faceted Asian diaspora identities as it does multiple universes and the concepts behind them and people.